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Love Art, Photography, Filmmaking and people person. Colorist with DaVinci resolve Studio

‘Art of Storytelling’ Photographer + Filmmaker


Modern Fine Art Photography + Cinematic Filmmaking Photographer Filmmaker Bio

Artist Wayne Lam Vancouver BC Photographer + Filmmaker creator www.ColorofLovers.com short engagement film Vancouver Film School, Langara Film Photography

Waynes World Studio is base in Vancouver, BC Canada; Artist Wayne Lam loves Art and being with people with Traditional Art skills to Digital Post Production and Creative thought. Wayne Lam welcome you Art of Storytelling

Vancouver, BC Canada Wedding Photographer

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Each Couple is different and each story is hand crafted with thoughts and Created style by Vancouver Wedding Photographer Artist Wayne Lam

International Award Photographer

Artist Wayne Lam; 2016 International Award Top 5% Shoot & Share Photo Contest over 230,000 Photo Entry

Award Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Vancouver Filmmaker

Modern 4K UHD Video with Color Grading Post Production by Artist Wayne Lam; graduated from Vancouver Film School creating Visual Storytelling with Color

Vancouver Wedding Highlight Video