Vancouver Beau photo

Beau photo Grand Opening

Camera Store Commercial Promotion Video

Beau Photo Commercial Promotion Video

Congratulations to Vancouver Beau Photo Photographic Sales and Rentals Grand Opening. With over 5000 sf of roaming spaces, it is more than just a camera store. With there latest newsletter, the store will offer digital printing services with some of the high quality printers available. As I love to print my art photos, it is important to have the right calibration workflow from monitor to printer profile to get the best results for a professional job. No worry if you are new to printing, the staffs will walk you through training base on your need. There will be a fees including using Adobe Creative Cloud softwares, it bring excitement to people who has an older printer and wanting to have some of the latest digital print quality. There will be a digital film Epson V800 which I own, bought from Beau Photo giving the best scanning quality film medium to digital. Yes, the scanner can scan your Large format camera 4"X5" plate.

5000 sf Camera Store for Photographers

I can see there will be workshops hosting on the weekend and evening for photographers

4KUHD Video Beau photo Grand Opening

Video was shot on 4KUHD, due to compression with YouTube the color has been muted a lot, losing the saturations.