Lunar Chinese New Year Parade

ChineTown New Year Parade

China Town Welcome Lunar New Year with Parade

Wedding Photographers Document Lunar New Year

Vancouver wedding photographers document 2017 event at China Town lower mainland. Record of 100,000 people welcome the Lunar Chinese Year in Vancouver China Town, many cultures joined in for the parade even though a wet afternoon did not stop the people coming in. The Cantonese song I use for the video was written by a Hong Kong pop star Sam Hui back in the 70’s and yes he is still around. Even though the pop song dated back over 40 years, the meaning of the words still bring joy and smile to those listen to the lyrics. The song mean being a good person will bring fortune to you, check out the old video and seeing Hong Kong life style where I grew up.

Filmmaker for Event Wedding, Documentary

Award Professional Photographer and Cinema Filmmaker loves Art and People. Creator Short Film Color of Lovers filmed in 4KUHD 4 times the resolutions of HD video.