Before & After Color Grading

Cinema Colour Grading Before & After

Vancouver Filmmaker Behind Colour Grading Video

Colour Grading Break Down

Cinema Colour Grading Before & After

Vancouver Filmmaker & Photographer, breaking down Cinema Colour Grading Before & After. Color Grading Demo film 'YVR Untitled V1.0'.  At Russ Baker Way Park, the footage was capture, also a great place to watch planes taking off.

Transforming Day into Drama Evening with Color Grading Skills

Hollywood has been making visual movie for decades. Transforming bright afternoon to a moody evening is nothing new. With an advance of digital softwares, freelance filmmakers like myself is able to recreate Hollywood cinema mood. Having years of Photoshop experience does help. The day was cold at Vancouver YVR airport. While getting my gears ready; a young child running down the path where I was planning to film. The kid was having a good time just running down the path like a plan to be taken off.  Knowing this would be a great footage, I quickly recorded the action even the focus is off. I was happy to captured the footage unexpectedly. Being a good filmmaker, one must observe the environment as story like this comes and goes. Even though the day was cold, this unexpected event unfolded by fate as it was waiting for me to discover. I knew this interesting footage would make a great visual Colour Grading story. The joy of filmmaking is a passion I love plus the discovery making life more exciting.

Music by: Bensound-summer

Cinema Camera Equipments:

  • Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera filmed with Raw 30fps
  • Tamron 18-400mm (Stay Tune Upcoming review Tamron 18-400mm for Cinema Camera Video Pros and Cons)
  • FotodioX Canon EF/EF-S Lens to Micro Four Thirds Camera Vizelex ND Throttle Adapter
  • Atomos Shogun
  • Grading in DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • Customize Personal Luts

Vancouver Filmmaker

Owner of Canon C300 mkII, trained steadicam operator and Tv colour management at Abelcine La. Also, trained Film photographer. Artist Wayne Lam is available for destination filmmaking contact 604 430 9888

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