Cinemagraph Animation Fire work for wedding couple

Wedding Cinemagraph

Vancouver wedding Photographer creates Wedding Cinemagraph

Wedding Cinemagraph a Moving Art

Cinemagraph came out years ago and funny thing it has been back of my mind to do some playing with this interest ideas. I have been doing wedding photo and video and it isn’t hard to do when I have all the gears.┬áDuring the Christmas break I took some of my video collection during the years I have filmed. It is interesting to see many Cinemagraph on the web and frankly not all images work if you ask me, sometime an image looks so haunted and weird. I have this couple standing in the arch was a thought almost a year ago before I have the right couple to do this interest creative work and it turned very well. I will be adding more Cinemagraph on my work, let me know what you think?
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