Vancouver Canada 150 drumming

Cinematic Film Video Canada 150 Drumming & Fireworks on Cypress Mountain

Canada 150 Drumming Video by Vancouver Filmmaker

Canada 150 Drumming Video by Vancouver Filmmaker

Vancouver, Canada 150 is an important event as downtown Vancouver, Jack Poole Plaza has a lot of activities. Instead of jamming with a large group of crowd, I decided to have some fun watching hundreds of drummers, take part in the 150 Atlantic to Pacific Drumming celebration at Creekside Park in Vancouver, BC Saturday, July 1, 2017. I prefer to listen to the drumming than listen to Jacky Chan sing, lol. The coast-to-coast event aimed to set a new world record for simultaneous drumming across the country by Canadians from nations all around the world, but we did not make the record, sorry for the spoils ending. Canada 150 Drumming

The late morning drumming involves with many national drumming such from Africa, South America, China, Korea, India, Philippine and my favourite indigenous drumming (I’m sure there are more but can’t recall) Other than drumming, we have demonstrated on Kung Fung, lion dance, dragon dance. Later on in the afternoon, I travelled to the Sunset community to catch some of the kids fun. I even got myself a Canada flag stamp on my forearm! After the sunset I was on Cypress mountain and over a hundred people will to spend over an hour to watch the downtown fireworks at 10:30pm. To my surprise, I was able to see fireworks from Surrey, Richmond, downtown Vancouver and North Vancouver fireworks at the same time. It was a joy to spend my evening with the crowds. Happy Birthday Canada 150!

The fun capturing Canadians smiling and having a great time even though Canada is a new baby compare to other nations, yet I live in the best place in the world. Enjoy this fun cinematic film documentary video from Vancouver Filmmaker and Vancouver wedding photographer.

Camera gears:
Canon C300mkII
Canon 11-24mm
Zacuto shoulder Rigs
Pentax SMC 500mm
Sachtler FSB10 head
Visual Color Grading: DaVinci Resolve 13 Studio with no luts applied