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Classic Fairytale Children Book Wedding

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Engagement Photo Session 'Lucky or Fate'

You can always tell a family when you walk into the house and backyard. Our bride grew up with warmth and love from what I observed! The wedding was taken place in the backyard with an outdoor stone fireplace. Couple stood front of the beautiful decorated fireplace and exchange their vows. With the clock located on the chimney, it reminded me a classic fairytale children book. Using a special lens allows me to create a miniature wedding photo, like a child playing with toys. Btw I only used this affect for a small section for details and fine art portrait.

Miniature Dream Wedding Photo

Each couple is different and each wedding story is told by creating an unique portrait for our bride and groom. Hope you enjoy this small set of teaser backyard wedding photos and wedding portraits. Do leave me a comments and share this lovely wedding.

Vancouver Cinematic Wedding Portrait

Cinematic Wedding Portrait

Vancouver Classic Children Book Wedding

Classic Children Book Wedding

Vancouver Miniature Bride Wedding Dress Photo

Miniature Bride Wedding Dress

Vancouver Blush Wedding Photo

Blush Wedding

Vancouver Wedding Backyard Story Photo

Elegant Wedding Backyard Story

Vancouver Best Wedding Day 2018 photo

Best Wedding Day 2018

Vancouver Simple Wedding Decors photo

Simple Wedding Decors

Vancouver Miniature Wedding Photography

Miniature Wedding Photography

Vancouver Backyard Wedding Photography

Backyard Wedding Photography

Red Sun Wedding Ring photo

Vancouver Red Sun Wedding Ring

Vancouver Fairytale Wedding Dress Photo

Fairytale Wedding Dress Photo

Wedding Bouquets Photo

Vancouver Wedding Bouquets Photo

Wedding Photography Selfie

With the beautiful tasteful mirrors, I can't resist to have a selfie making myself small than life! Making me as Vancouver Miniature wedding photographer selfie.

Vancouver Wedding Photographer Selfie

Wedding Photographer Selfie