Vancouver wedding videographer short film

‘Gathering’ Short Film by Vancouver Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Vancouver Wedding photographer & Videographer created a B&W short Film ‘Gathering’ for his Grandma

Vancouver Wedding Photographer & Videographer Short Film

‘Gathering’ a B&W short film was filmed over 5 years ago after my Grandma passed away. The family took few days off to a family vacation home in Vancouver Island. It was the only time I stayed there and it was a relax time to reflect with the memory, the song Venice Queen Red Hot Chili Peppers matches the mood of this video. The video was filmed with Canon 5D Mark II in 2011, fast forward to 2017 I’m filming with a Cinema Camera that I never thought I would own but again life changes and if I don’t chase my dream to become a filmmaker it will never comes to me. I’m sure I will look back another 5 years at this blog and say to myself where did the 5 years gone by as the last five years seems like yesterday!
As a Vancouver Vancouver wedding photographer & videographer filmmaker I enjoyed filming projects not just for my clients but a film project expressing the mood when my grandma passed away from cancer. Enjoy this song film and let me know how you like it, comments below.