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Blush Wedding Vancouver Photographer FAQ. Why you need an artist than a photographer? Some of the questions for Vancouver brides and wedding couple before hiring wedding photographers and videographers. Does cameras with ability to have backup images important to you in case of corrupted memory cards.

Hire Professional Wedding Photographer FAQ


  • What are Differences Between Professional Artist Photographer then Photographer

    Professional Artist Photographer have skills to create Art Style Photography than snapping an imagine; this include the skills of Composition, Post Production and Printing. Creating an Art form photography that can be display in the Art Gallery is Waynes World Studio mission.

  • Back Up Cameras with Dual Recording

    Wayne Lam carries Two cameras Body with camera that can record DUAL cards memory which means every image will be Backed Up with extra copies. This features only available to the Professional Camera; ask your photographer thisDual Memory Cards feature which are IMPORTANT to any LIVE event as we all know there is NO second take. Every memory will be documented with a peace of mind!

  • Why hire Wedding photo and Video from Waynes World Studio?

    Artist Wayne Lam trained Both in Photography and Videography; understand the important of team work. A team of photographer and Videographer under artist Wayne’s direction to create a Visual Storytelling. Wayne Lam Not just a Photographer or Filmmaker but someone who is a People Person; Listen to your need and Attention to Details. Creating each Event with Thoughts and Creativity. Artist Wayne Lam goes beyond Call of Duty to help couple during the wedding planning stages.

  • Photo Contest Awards Waynes World Studio

    There are many wedding photo contest from Magazine, Facebook and Wedding Web site as 100% are business to business related which means if the photographers doing business with the company chances they are Awarded with banner and recognition; I hate to say every photographer gets an award for doing business. Yes, Wedluxe too. Shoot and Share is an International Photo Contest with 30 million votes on 230,000 photos from incredible photographers in 120 different countries! This is the toughest photo contest to win because it is NOT a popularity contest. It’s not based on a certain style or judged by some panel. The winners are chosen by tens of thousands of other Professional photographers. Artist Wayne Lam of Wayne World Has been placed the Top 5% of the Finalist.

  • 4K UHD vs HD Video

    HD video is the current TV Broadcast meanwhile 4K UHD has FOUR times the resolution than HD and is the upcoming Broadcast standard. Waynes World Studio is Vancouver Wedding Videographer offers FREE 4K UHD services without EXTRA charge; 4K UHD allows Print from the single image while HD cannot.

  • Is the Main Video Camera Records BackUp Video?

    Yes! Having a Backup Video files are important; this is why Waynes World studio has invested thousands of dollars to ensure the main cinema camera will record dual videos. Last thing a wedding couples are being told there are issue with there wedding video files due to failure of memory cards as it can happen. Ask your videographer if there is a Backup video files for your wedding day!

  • 4K UHD Aerial Drone Filming Photography + Videography

    Waynes World Studio offers 4K UHD aerial photography and videography for couple wanting the creative work for engagement, portrait, wedding event. Due to Law there are no video recording in downtown or close to air space; if you see wedding video flying in downtown Vancouver rooftop chances they are breaking the law.

  • What is Color Grading for Cinematic Video? Why it is Important!

    Color Grading is creating the look of the video or visual storytelling by using color to create the Emotion, Mood and Cinema Film look in the theatre. An artist specialize in Color Grading is called Colorist which plays an important role of a good video. Using Industry Software DaVinci Resolve for TV and Film community. To understand Color Grading workflow, videos are film in a Flat Profile or Log File which has low contrast allows Colorist to create the visual storytelling. But not all cameras are equal and not all Vancouver Wedding Videographers are willing to spend the time or equipments for this added Professional services. At Waynes World Studio, artist Wayne Lam aims for quality this means taking extra steps to ensure the final Wedding Videos has the Cinematic Look with the combine of 4K UHD video will makes you say WOW!

  • Same day Video Edit or SDE

    Same Day Video Edit or SDE services are available, our MacPro 6 cores running with thunderbolts 2 and Professional Industry Eizo CG277 monitor allows accurate color. Please allows min of three hours.

“Art of Storytelling’Artist Wayne Lam

Commercial Video for Online campaign and TV FAQ:

  • Red 6K Weapon

    Commercial video can be film in Red 6K Weapon with Zeiss Cinema CP.2 Prime Lenses, our package with Color Grading and Post Production using Industry Software DaVinci Resolve. Portable mobile Edit and Color Grading suite allows the Final look of the Project. Ask artist Wayne Lam for your TV or Online Marketing Campaign.

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