Is 4K UHD Wedding Video More Expensive than HD

Vancouver Wedding Videographer Explains 4K UHD and HD Video Benefits

Is 4K UHD Wedding Video More Expensive than HD video? In this blog I, Wayne Lam Vancouver Wedding Videographer and Filmmaker will guide you through the benefit of 4K UHD for the bride demanding the best and future archive video.

Yes and No! Yes, 4K UHD is more expensive than HD video at this moment, remember back in the 1990’s we were watching SD standard Definition TV (CRT tube TV) that has 480P resolution, HD video has 1080P resolution and 4K UHD has 2160p (Length times Width resolution gives 4 times the resolution than HD video)
Price is coming down faster than you know! The change of time; 4K UHD is every corner: mobile phone, 4K UHD TV, Netflix, TV network. Soon you will not be able to purchase HD TV any more since 4K UHD TV has more demand and company will stop producing HD TV like SD TV. Why 4K UHD wedding video is more expensive than HD. At current time yes it is more expensive due to 4K UHD video production equipments with bigger files size and needing faster computer to run on.

Epic Wedding Video with Hollywood Quality

Why bride should consider 4K UHD Video? It came down to quality! Beside better quality, bride can use any still frame image off the 4K UHD video uses for print meanwhile HD does’t offer this quality. With the advance of technology, Professional 4K UHD video equipments are better tools for the Epic Hollywood production. As matter of fact Professional 4K UHD equipments are being use more in Indie film and documentary filmmaking production around the world!

Many Vancouver Wedding Videographer offers 4K UHD with Extra Charge?

Since most Vancouver Wedding Videographer have not adapted to the 4K UHD equipments, studios are charging additional thousand of dollars on top of the standard package for bride wanting 4K UHD.

Waynes World Studio Filming Wedding with 4K UHD since 2015

While in 2014 Nab Show; TV broadcast and Cinematography trade how in Las Vegas, we see there will be Big chances to the Video Industry. I can truly say we at Waynes World Studio are proud to be Vancouver 4K UHD wedding event and filmmaker for bride needing the Best Wedding Video Production with NO additional charge. Yes, our Aerial drone video is in 4K UHD. Ask Artist Wayne Lam for your ‘Art of Storytelling’ Wedding Story.

Why Wedding Video 4K UHD is BETTER Over HD Video