Richmond World Festival Yo Yo video

National Yo Yo Champion Harrison Lee Video

Richmond World Festival Meets Yo Yo Champion Harrison Lee

National Yo You Master Harrison Lee

Most people has grown up with Yo Yo as a kid but this yo yo professional Harrison Lee has taken the game yo yo to the next level during Vancouver Richmond World Festival. Junior Yo Yo champion and now national Yo Yo champion giving a visual performance art to the next level. Watching Harrison Lee works his magic on the stage is like watching a guitarist shredding away without taking much afford, no doubt it has taken him many hours to master a simple move to our eyes. The joy of watching him performance brings back our childhood era, yet this teen teaches us to have fun whatever we are doing in life.

In order to see his performance, I have to film in high speed and slowed it down in post to reveal his magic trick. I have added Harrison Lee latest Iceland tournament and his 2015 TEDxKids@BC video

Artist Wayne Lam is Vancouver award photographer & Filmmaker, trained Steadicam operator and owner of Canon C300 mkII