What caused my Extreme Pro corrupted

Sandisk Extreme Pro Cfast 2.0 Corrupt Error

SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB Corrupted CFast Card What Caused!

SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB Corrupted CFast Card What Caused!

Here is the story unfold, as a Canon C300 mkLL user I know the important to have the right media cards that recommended by Canon. The TOP expensive cards are the Extreme Pro 128GB Cfast 2.0, I bought two cards for my work. During some footage test before heading out for a film event that is 20 minutes before I need to leave, I found myself finding errors on my cards that I CANNOT format in the camera. Knowing one card is corrupted but there is no way the second card is also corrupted? Rewind back, I have set the C300 MkII to write on both slot A and B as a double relay (files are being written on both A and B cards at the same time, this feature you will find on the Professional Camera like the 5D MkIII and 7D MKII I currently using for wedding and portrait event) To my surprise the second card is also corrupted!

Here is my thought what has caused! Human errors! Before the corruptions, I took one card hooked up to my Cfast card reader while checking on the footage in Premiere! The footage was NOT transfer to the computer but using the card reader to read the footage maybe that was not the issue but the issue I didn’t proper eject the card after the viewing the files. Meanwhile without knowing the card was corrupted I putted the card back into the camera and do more testing but this time the REC didn’t come on, I tried to view the file no luck the format the card no luck again. Went to format the second slot card in camera would not allow me. At that time, I might have corrupted one card and caused the second card to write error at the same time. It is good to find this issue ahead as my filming just around the corner, if I have not looked or try to format the cards in the camera I would never known I have cards issue. I did went back to my computer and formatted both cards with fat32 then reformat one more on the camera body and tested working fine. At the end, it is human errors how I transferred the files and handled them. Hope this video serve as a reminder to check your cards ahead before filming.

Artist Wayne Lam Filmmaker with Canon C300 MkII for hire!