Cinematic Wedding Photographer

Teaser Cinematic Wedding Photo

Elegant Outdoor Wedding

Cinematic Wedding Photo

Enjoy the teaser Cinematic wedding photo of Brittany & Amna at Burnaby Hart House Restaurant.  This is one of the popular outdoor and indoor wedding venue in Lower mainland Vancouver. I can tell Brittany has spend hours planning her wedding, include tasteful color theme and details. The day was warm yet a bit of over cast, I will take that over a hot and strong sun light for a wedding.

Miniature Wedding Venue

Here are some of the Fine Art wedding photos for the venue. You are wondering why some of the photo looks like a toy or miniature? You are not seeing thing. It is special effect using a tilt shift lens to create this fine art wedding portrait. Do you like it? Now you can pack everything in your pocket!

Cinematic Wedding Portrait

I always love a good movie but a good cinematic movie. To create this special cinematic wedding portrait, takes a bit of work. At the end it does bring the mood during the first dance and rest of reception evening. Do you like wedding photo mimic movie look? Leave me a comment what you think?

Vancouver Islamic Wedding Photo

Islamic Wedding Photo

Vancouver Elegant Outdoor Wedding Photo

Elegant Outdoor Wedding Photo

Vancouver Islamic Wedding Photographer

Islamic Wedding Photographer

Cinematic Wedding Photography

Vancouver Cinematic Wedding Photo

Vancouver Fine Art Vancouver Wedding

Fine Art Vancouver Wedding

Vancouver Hart House Restaurant Wedding

Hart House Restaurant Wedding

Fine Art Miniature Wedding Photo

Vancouver Fine Art Miniature Wedding Photo

Burnaby Hart House Wedding Photo

Hart House Wedding Photo