Vancouver Blush Wedding Photographer Filmmaker Press Releases

Wayne Lam Artist for Waynes World Studio in Vancouver Canada is the first Wedding Photographer who 4K UHD cameras and 4K UHD Aerial drone Videography. Creating Hollywood Bollywood Wedding Video for the BRIDES who want the BEST in 4K UHD Videos for future prove and 2017 4K UHD TV everywhere.
Vancouver Blush Wedding Photographer Filmmaker Press Releases: 2017 March – Trained at Abelcine Burbank, LA for ‘Colour Management for TV and Film’ and ‘Steadicam Operator’ the continuous learning for artist Wayne Lam of commercial filmmaking for companies video production, Vancouver wedding video studio.

Get the ATTENTION for Vancouver Companies Video Production Champagne

We at Waynes World Studio creates ATTENTION for our Client with VISUAL STORYTELLING! From Red to Canon C300MKII, Post Production DaVinci Resolve Studio

Contact Artist Wayne Lam 604 430 9888 or Email[rev_slider USE-COMMERCIAL-1]

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