Vancouver Autumn Fall Portrait Filmmaking

Vancouver Autumn Fall Portrait Filmmaking Video

Vancouver Filmmaker Captures Vancouver Fall Color with Slow Motion Video

Vancouver Autumn Fall Filmmaking Video

I love the Autumn or Fall weather with the beautiful leafs changing in color is nature’s best art year round. I was lucky to meet up a young lady who was willing to be my model for a short period. The streets are full of people visiting the location during the early afternoon, the sun was out and glad I took the time to create this Vancouver Autumn Fall Portrait Filmmaking Video. For he gears head out there, I was using analog Mamiya RZ Medium Format lens 110mm which is 68.9mm equivalent to 35mm and seems my Canon C300mkII is a Super 35mm sensors that brings to 103mm. Color Grading using DaVinci Resolve Studio 14.1, no luts are used and secondary grading has been added. Enjoy this short video shot in slow motion 60fps and 120fps by Vancouver Filmmaker a& Vancouver photographer Waynes World Studio.

Song is by Bensound-ukulele

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