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Vancouver Beautiful Fall Portrait Photo

Fall Portraits Photo by Vancouver Photographer

Today Vancouver encounter first day of snow, it got me thinking how time flies. It was not long ago beautiful, colorful leaves floating in the air and on the streets. Finally Fall is ending I better finish up my blog photos 'Colorful Fall Portraits' tonight or else it looks funny to have photos during winter months.

While BC west coast Canada is one of great location for photographers, having fours seasons are gifts to all the artists out there. Consequently, the Vancouver colorful Fall season can be short since rain comes quickly, unfortunately it takes few windy days to bring down all the natural beauties of the leaves to the ground. Lucky me, there are few weeks the weather has been sunny yet cool, able to capture some outdoor fun. This time of the year where the warm sunlight meets cool air, creating a nature painting like portrait.

Digital Camera Marriage Analog Medium Format Lens

Taking my 5D markIII digital, analog Mamiya RZ Medium format lens to create cinema falls photo was my tools. I met a young lady who asked me to take a snap portrait of her. At the end, I ended asking her to be my model, a wonderful day to capture some Youth Power while enjoying nature's canvas. Hope you enjoyed this photo series. You can view a creative Vancouver Autumn Fall Portrait Filmmaking Video.