Rap Wedding Video at Indian Reception

Vancouver Wedding Artist Pumped Up the Crowd

Indian Wedding Video with MC Comes Out Rapping

Sheena and Kevin’s Indian wedding has been a fun and hard working week for Vancouver Wedding artist of Waynes World Studio. There is no deny Indian wedding is full of ritual from bride’s prewedding Ceremony, indian Milini or Milani, tasty food, colorful custom wedding dresses, music and dance. Sheena and Kevin’s wedding Reception has an extra element of entertainment when Anthony the MC came out rapping. Pushing the crowd to dance harder; I too joined Anthony to pumped up the crowd. With all the wedding videos I have done in the past, this special wedding teaser trailer is one of its kind. I’m sure after seeing this video will make you dance, a very special thanks to Anthony and the bridal party who helped me getting the crowd going. Sheena and Kevin’s wedding event sure will bring out the laughter and tears between friends and families for years to come.

Remember this video can be view at 4KUHD that is 4 times the resolution than HD.

Indian Wedding Vancouver Photographer

Indian Wedding Vancouver Photographer

Wayne Lam Visual Artist for Waynes World Studio creating not capturing the image but creating ‘Art of Storytelling’ using his skills as a Visual Artist. Contact Wayne Lam at 604 430 9888