100km/hr hits YVR airport

Wedding Videographer Vancouver captures Plane landing during Wind Storm 100km/hr

120fps SlowMotion Captures Plane landing with Wind 100 km/hr by Vancouver Wedding Videographer

Vancouver Wedding Videographer captures Plane landing with 100km/hr wind

No doubt April 7th, 2017 has some strong wind I have ever encountered during an outdoor filming in Vancouver National Airport YVR with wind speed hitting 100km/hour equal to 62 miles. This is my first time and never expect the wind and cold weather is that much a force, I knew it would be cold as I was dressed for both the hands are cold and hard to wear gloves when filming. Anyhow, I was able to grab some footage before it got dark very dark. This Canon C300 MKII is a cinema camera, no meant for dark scene and focusing was an issue when darkest. Vancouver wedding videographer filmed the plane landing with slow motion at 120fps, the footage looks like the plane stopped on the landing strip, it was interesting. With the wind screaming at me and I can feel my cold hands but I will do this again with more planning, a flashlight instead of my iPhone flash light and a longer telephoto lens like my SMC Pentax 500mm. Next time when the wind hits, you know I will be up to hill.

Wind Storm at YVR

Filming slow motion Plane landing