Tips how to Entertain Guests without Photo Booth

How to Save money on Photobooth guide wedding Vancouver

How to Save money on Photobooth guide wedding Vancouver

Photo booth is a great idea for guests to have fun but average cost of the Photo booth runs from $300 hourly and upward. The two hour minimum will add up to $600 + taxes (this numbers base in lower Vancouver). Four hours will be in thousands of dollars, easily! There is a better way to entertain your guests without spending the extra thousand dollars! This article will give you Free Tips How to Save money on Photobooth guide wedding Vancouver while having fun and saving money and your guests will continue to talk about the fun event at your wedding days long after the event is over.

This article gives you tips how to stretch your wedding budget, it is not a MUST to replace the photo booth if you do have the budget for it! The decision is your as I will break down the Pros and Cons of having a photo booth for your wedding day!

Pros and Cons of Photo booth

Old and young enjoy being silly
Photos Print to take home with

Hourly rate can add up as average photo booth runs about $300 an hour
Limited people can be inside the booth
Photo booth has been around many years and hosted in many private function, will this be just another booth for your guests?
Not Portable if you like to move to the new location

Questions to ask for Wedding Photographer before Hire

If you would like to have a photo booth ideas and have a limited budget, best time to ask question when you are searching for your wedding photographer. This will help you save money and offer extra services.

Now a day an Exterior Photo Printing Machine can be Rented by Wedding Photographer

Chances you wanted the photos printed for your guest during the photo booth, this can be done now a day with an external photo printer. By hiring a photographer and setting up the photo studio back ground with photo printer is easy and fast.

Does your Wedding Package includes a Second Photographer?

When you hire your wedding photographer be sure to ask for the package with the second photographer for the day? You are thinking this will increase the wedding package, have no fear! At the end you will gain more, here is why! When you hire the second photographer with the wedding package, it will NOT be double since the second photographer is a back up photographer. During the ceremony the main photographer will only be available in one location usually across from the groom, meanwhile the second photographer will be with the bride, this is the great candid session before the bride walks down the aisle. Having the second photographer allows you to capture all those missing moments while the main photographer is limited to capturing the bride! You are wondering what is all this got to do with the photo booth? We are getting there!

Were is the Bonus, since you have the second photographer for the day, you can have him or her to create a red carpet photo session while the guests enter the reception hall! If you want it to be fancy, you can create a custom backdrop with your name and date as each guests will be documented in front of the custom backdrop! At the same time a good second photographer will entertain your guests, your guests would not known you have spend very little money to get them entertain during the entry.

The good part is your custom Portable photo booth can be move to a different location when your guests want to be entertain. Now you have a photo booth you can run by a second photographer or by themselves. Yes with advance technology any guest member can take photograph of themselves with a remote wireless. Bring hats, masks and all those pros to go along the photo shoot! Check out how creative my couple photos below! Our bride was carried by four groomsmen, you couldn’t do that in the old fashion photo booth!

If you have booked your wedding package and without the second photographer

If you have booked your wedding photographer but without the second photographer, you can ask the cost for the second photographer and the set up fees!

Cost for setting up the Portable Photo Booth

Since you have your second photographer hired, the cost of the backdrop and extra lights will not be expensive as most photographer will have all those professional gears. If they don’t have it they can rent them!

Equipments for Portable Photo Booth

Set up equipments: Studio Light, Backdrop with stands, wireless trigger, camera, TV or monitor if needed. Most Professional photographer will have this equipments if they don’t have them it is not hard to rent them. This is not free but having a second photographer and a portable photo booth have more an advantage than the traditional photo booth. Don’t you agree?

Wedding Photo booth for the Wedding Planner

Using creative ideas wedding planner can do without the tradition photo booth during a wedding events, it is best to discuss with your local photographer as not all photographer offers this services. You may contact Wayne Lam at Waynes World Studio to discuss your dream wedding.

Save Money Entertain Guest without Photobooth

Different Photo backdrop can create fun with fashion look for your guest, best thing is they will have fun and you are saving money.

Wedding Guests have Fun with Creative Photo

Wayne Lam Visual Artist combining his creative skills and the love of being with people to create one of the kind ‘Art of Storytelling’ Contact Vancouver Wedding Photographer + Videographer Wayne Lam at 604 430 9888