Filmmaking Storytelling

Color of Lovers

Filmed in 4KUHD combining with Aerial video of a short story for the engagement lovers met from the sky and on land, visual story through Color Grading and Post Production by Artist Wayne Lam in early 2015.

Vancouver Filmmaker - 'Visual Storytelling'

Visual Storytelling by Color Grading, here is a break down for this afternoon daylight transform into drama evening cinema video. You can read Vancouver Colorist Color Grading Technique.

Before my Grandma pass away on the March of 2011 at the age of 87, she had given instructions to the family to use The Red Luggage when her day arrived. The Red Luggage waited in a dark closet over a decade, containing her 71st birthday portrait, until it was used for the funeral service. Her once worn 71st birthday outfit was worn one last time. Now the Red Luggage sits in my home, containing a few of her mementos I have collected. I was amazed how Grandma had planned her day a decade ahead and knew exactly what she needed. As the Red Luggage sits in my basement, I ask myself, "Will I be prepared like Grandma?" I'm lucky to have The Red Luggage to serve as a reminder. Now my quest begins 'The Red Luggage Diary'.

Mental Health Awareness Story On going Projects

2011 My First Mental Illness Project Starts Here

While a trip 2011 in Hong Kong I filmed a lady needed attention as I followed her to her journey; it is a starting point where I have been filming Mental Illness Awareness for people around the globe to learn and to understand this sad illness as One out Four People does have this illness. Share this Video to help others.

True Story 'Wounded Healer' by Christina Chen More Reading at Waynes World Studio

The Beautiful Mind of Sandra Yuen MacKay

Sandra Yuen MacKay, an artist and author, speaks about the impact of creativity on her life with mental illness.

Sandra Y MacKay Web Site

Sandra Yuen MacKay Interview at Me Too Conversations Volume2

Vancouver mental illness spoke person Sandra Yuen Mackay speaks about her story 'Me Too Conversations Volume2' at the SFU downtown campus with a full crowd. The video is shot with hand held and was not hired for the event, I was doing this for a friend therefore I was shooting on my laps