Short Film, video by Best Vancouver wed Photographer

‘Life is Like Skating on Ice’ short Film, video by Vancouver Wed Photographer

Vancouver Wed Photographer Creates Visual Video ‘Life is Like Skating on Ice’

Vancouver Trout Lake Ice Skating Visual Story Video

For the first time in 20 years Vancouver Trout Lake is open to the public for Ice skating, Vancouver city doesn’t get cold compare to others part of BC and Canada. Having a frozen lake and being a Canadian means one thing, go skating and play hockey or just a walk on the pond. As Vancouver Wed photographer this is my first experience of film, video and walk on the frozen pond, it is not the experience how cool to walk onto an open pond, but seeing so many people having fun are the joy of this life experience for most of the people there. Kids will remember the wonder friendships they did with friends, family during this natural phenomena.

‘Life is Like Skating on Ice’ short film, video ideas came to play while I was editing the video; a young girl struggle to skate, fell, got up, smile, fight for her balance and skate away into a distance while her parents walk along. Isn’t it Life is all about? We fight and struggle to where we are going in Life, some of us will look back the fun journey while some may not. Again, being innocent has a good outlook in life!

Part of the story being told in a visual way by Post Production work in Color Grading, I use strong contrast to separate the white ice and the people as black. It is a purpose I created a deep dark shadow, but yet details are still exists on objects and people while the yellowish sun ray warms the feeling of life and hope. Enjoy this fun project as I did have fun filming, edit, storytelling to color grading.

Vancouver Wed Photographer available for Commercial TV & Film company promotion video, documentary video. Owner of TV & Film gears Canon C300 MKII, trained Steadicam Operator.

Walking on Trout Lake

Vancouver Trout Lake